There has never been a time when feeling connected to others has been more important. With Breakbulk events rescheduled for the late summer and fall, we knew we had to provide a way to connect even when most of us are homebound.

From May through December, we will offer a full program of webinars and a new bi-weekly show BreakbulkONE. All programming will feature industry leaders and the companies the world has come to rely on to deliver project cargo and breakbulk wherever it’s needed.


Date Time Program Registration Page
10 Sept. 2020 11 AM CDT
BreakbulkONE Show: ITER Logistics, a Look at the Challenges Around the World’s Mega-engineering Project COMING SOON
15 Sept. 2020 11 AM CET
Breakbulk Europe Live Preview COMING SOON
13 Oct. 2020 11 AM CDT
Breakbulk Americas Live Preview COMING SOON
22 Oct. 2020 11 AM CET
BreakbulkONE Show: Top Takeaways from Breakbulk Europe COMING SOON
19 Nov. 2020 11 AM CST
BreakbulkONE Show: Top Takeaways from Breakbulk Americas COMING SOON
3 Dec. 2020 11 AM CST
BreakbulkONE Show: Holiday Guide COMING SOON


BreakbulkONE Show-Call for Action: Plight of the Seafarers
Dennis Mottola, Fr. Sinclair K. Oubre
Reiner Wiederkehr, Thomas Damsgaard
BreakbulkONE Show: Project Cargo Service Provider Vetting–Your Questions Answered
Dennis Mottola, Leonard Headrick, Kenn Soendergaard,
Brian Putallaz, Pascal Ochquee
Women in Breakbulk Americas on Crisis Leadership
Amy Kan, Yuliana Wu, Georgine Guillory, Amber Knipe
Industry Bright Spots: Real Project Opportunities Ahead
Dominic Sun, Lisa Haley, Jeromy Hofmeister, Scott Bailey, Paula Swain
Sponsored by Port Houston
Launching Your Breakbulk Career
Margaret Kidd, Marco Poisler, Sergio Savoy, Ernest Bezdek
Jake Swanson, Phillip Brown and Pierre Mille
BreakbulkONE Show: Women in Breakbulk Europe on Crisis Leadership
Nikola Hagleitner, Sylvia Boer, Ekaterina Andreeva, Claudia Ohlmeier
View From the Boardroom: What Lies Ahead
Juergen Osmers, Ulrich Ulrichs, Cyril Varghese,
Marco Poisler and James Hookham
BreakbulkONE: Leadership Through Adversity
Capt. Bill Schubert, John Amos, Carsten Wendt and Gary Burrows
Impact of COVID-19 on Future Shipping Demand
Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst, BIMCO