AGL Moves Diliskelesi Engine

Vessel Engine Delivered from Antwerp

German transport firm Alexander Global Logistics has transported a vessel engine from Belgium to a Turkish shipyard.
The unit weighed 128 tons and measured 9 meters long, 3 meters wide and 6 meters high. The cargo was loaded in Antwerp port and shipped to Port Diliskelesi in Turkey, before transshipment to barge.
“After all loading and lashing preparations where done, the barge left to cover the last distance via the Marmarameer to Southern Turkey,” a spokesperson for AGL said.
 Headquartered in Bremen in Northern Germany, AGL provides ship chartering services, transhipment, warehousing and distribution as well as full service logistics for heavy-lift and project cargo deliveries. The firm is a member of the member of the Project Cargo Network.
Photo: Vessel engine. Credit: AGL