Women in Breakbulk

In a predominantly male-dominated industry, women are steadily making their mark. To encourage further inclusion, Breakbulk Events & Media brings together women from different sectors to share their perspectives on building a successful career in the maritime, project cargo and breakbulk industry. These key female figures in leadership positions offer insightful tips and advice for women from all corners of the industry on how they too can climb the ranks and change the narrative on an industry that is progressing in the right direction.


We invite you to join this group, whether new to the industry, an industry veteran or anywhere in between. 

Become an official member of Women in Breakbulk to connect with colleagues in the region and around the world.

Fill out the form on this page and send your photo to Kinsey Chenault at [email protected]

We look forward to receiving your information and supporting your journey as a woman in breakbulk.

For more information, contact:
Kinsey Chenault
Manager, Women in Breakbulk
[email protected]

Women in Breakbulk Around the World


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