Women in Breakbulk Members

Inspiring a New Generation of Leaders

  • Rhonda Somers


    Ace 54


    “In the years of working through the industry, I believe the leadership is changing and capitalizing based on the “value add” formula, where women in general are making the shift and being noticed in decision-maker roles."
  • Susan Hunter


    APM Terminals


    “I am responsible for the day to day management and performance of Bahrain’s only commercial port facility, Khalifa Bin Salman Port."
  • Ghazalah Moloobhoy

    Director / General Manager

    A.S. Moloobhoy Pvt. Ltd. / Moloobhoy Marine Services, LLC


    “While we as women have come along way, I believe that proving your worth is a never-ending process and avoiding complacency at all costs is essential to shed gender stereotypes."
  • Sara Malik

    Customer Success Manager

    Container xChange


    “No matter if we are in a developing country or developed country, as women, we are all struggling and dealing with different challenges in our lives. But we have one very big advantage and that is we don’t give up that easily and we make the best of what we have. I am strong because I been inspired many strong women in my life. I can’t think about a single weak woman because they don’t exist.

    No matter what you do, work with dedication and don’t tell others how much you work, let your work speak for you."
  • Laila Victoria

    CLS Logistics Solutions SRL

    Dominican Republic

    “Though the logistics industry now has more female presence than before, it is still up to us to serve as role models for future female generations to come. Currently in the Dominican Republic, you can find few women dedicated to breakbulk yet there are many directly involved in logistics and scaling high positions in this sector.
    If we really want to see change, we have to do the work, participate actively and support each other. That’s why it is my belief that organizations such as WISTA are part of what can encourage change and help empower females."
  • Nikola Hagleitner

    EVP Marketing & Sales

    DHL Global Forwarding

    United Kingdom

    "When we will look back at the current situation in a few years, we will not remember exactly what we did, but we will always remember how we felt and how people made us feel.”
  • Sue Donoghue

    Managing Director – DHL Global Forwarding, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Project Director – SABIC – DHL Global Forwarding – Industrial Projects

    Saudi Arabia

    "I firmly believe that roles should be filled by the best suited candidate and I am honoured to work with a company like DHL that celebrates diversity and women are given equal opportunities to lead."

  • Susan Oatway

    Senior Analyst for Multipurpose & Breakbulk Shipping


    United Kingdom

  • Eliska Mundell

    Cargo Sales Manager - Global Accounts - Middle East & Africa

    Emirates Airlines


  • Nelusha Silva

    Business Development Manager

    Enkay Express - Logistica


    Being in the freight and logistics industry for 36 years and the past 24 years in the Middle East, my advice to my female colleagues is have fire, passion and love in whatever you do or you will be worn out.
  • Nishika Thomas

    Senior Sales Manager

    Enkay Express - Logistica


    When women support each other incredible things happen.
  • Sabina Raza

    Business Development Executive

    Enkay Express - Logistica


    Be a women who overcomes obstacles by tackling them in faith instead of tiptoeing around them in fear.
  • Jasamin Fichte

    Managing Partner; President

    Fichte and Co.; WISTA Arabia UAE


  • Sarah Schlueter

    Senior Director



  • Valerija Tsiganovska

    Sales Manager



  • Aireen Malonzo


    JSL Global


  • Sadhini Silva

    Assistant Manager - Business Development

    JSL Global


  • June Manohoran


    Lukoil Marine Lubricants, MENA



  • Susan St. Germain

    Director of Projects

    LV Shipping

    United States


  • Sinem Mecik

    Managing Partner

    Maskot Shipping & Services


    “Fortune favors the brave”
  • Dr. Noura Al Dhaheri


    Maqta Gateway


    “Minimizing the gender gap is a gradual process, but there is great reason for optimism knowing that with persistence, women can and will advance the industries beyond any limitations that have been placed on us.”
  • Jasleen Kaur

    Founder & Director

    Owners Freight Network


    “Women play a pivotal role in the growth of any sector and logistics is no exception. Over the last five years, it's encouraging to see more women in the project logistics, freight forwarding and shipping world.

    Owners Freight Network was founded in 2015 and it's nice to meet more and more women leaders and entrepreneurs. My advice to you: Always focus on your goals and the path will be clear, and if you focus on the path, you will know all the right turns to take. Believe in yourself ! ”
  • Capt. Sahar Rasti


    SJR Group


    “Overcoming the odds to become the first certified female Emirati captain, as well as gaining acceptance from a culture that has traditionally resisted women working outside the home (or in less conservative roles), were driving forces behind my motivation to reach for the stars without reservation."
  • Beata Bac

    Global Category Manager International and Project Logistics


    United Kingdom

  • Noura Al Shamsi

    Community Manager

    The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport-Sharjah


  • H.E Eng. Hessa Bint Ahmed Al Malek

    Executive Director of Maritime Transport

    UAE Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime (FTA)


    "I am glad that I didn’t allow technicalities or judgement to dissuade me from pursuing my dream. It is also why I am so passionate about the work which we do at AWIMA, and why I encourage young females like myself to put themselves out there and chase their goals relentlessly.”
  • Dr. Aysha Al Busmait

    Director of Government Communications

    UAE Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime (FTA)


    "I think the responsibility falls on all of us, irrespective of gender or geographic location, to encourage, support and inspire women to pursue leadership roles.”
  • Ekaterina Andreeva

    Commercial Director


    United Kingdom

    "Don't work hard, work smart!"

  • Claudia Ohlmeier

    Head of Section Class Systematics, Data and Operation Centre, DNV; President, WISTA Germany



  • Christel Pullens

    President, WISTA the Netherlands; Managing Director, Sea Ranger Service



  • Sue Terpilowski OBE

    President, WISTA UK; Director, Imageline; Co-chair, Diversity in Maritime Taskforce, Maritime UK  WISTA UK; Imageline

    United Kingdom