APR Helps Bangladesh Power Board

APR Helps Bangladesh Power Board


The Bangladesh Power Development Board, or BPDB, required massive supplemental power over a five-year period to complete large-scale coal and nuclear facilities under construction. APR Energy was contracted to provide 300 megawatts.

The sheer size of the project was a challenge. Ferry said: “The site wasn’t hard to get to, but the project required a tremendous amount of equipment – roughly equivalent to 8,000 20-foot-equivalent-units – plus diesel power plant.”

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In September 2018 the installation and 100-hour commissioning test was completed. The plant is owned and operated by APR Energy Bangladesh Ltd., which will also manage all fuel logistics and handling.

This was one of APR Energy’s largest projects to date. “Unprecedented population growth and economic expansion make Bangladesh one of the largest electrical markets in the world,” said APR Energy Chairman John Campion. “While the country continues development and implementation of numerous long-term solutions, BPDB recognized a need for a fast-track power solution that would help them meet their peak electricity demands over the next five years.”


Photo credit: Bangladesh Power Development Board



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