Breakbulk Team Visits Rotterdam

'Action-packed' Tour of 2022 Breakbulk Europe Venue

By Victoria Pope
Breakbulk Events & Media Content Director

In late October the Breakbulk team was fortunate enough to finally travel again and excitedly set off for Rotterdam for an action-packed few days.

We were blessed with the most gloriously sunny week which really showed Rotterdam at its best.

On our first day we visited Ahoy, the venue for Breakbulk Europe 2022. It was great to again see and appreciate the huge amount of space and facilities we will welcome everyone to in May. This new venue will accommodate our new initiatives and ambitions, and we know visitors and exhibitors alike will also enjoy the benefits of being in such an excellent venue during Breakbulk Europe.

In the evening, the team went to the THOMS Restaurant in the city center, which had a brilliant atmosphere. Walking through the city, and the variety of options for eating and drinking – in walking distance from all the main hotels – highlighted what the visitors of Breakbulk Europe will certainly enjoy.

On our second day, we experienced a whistle-stop tour of all that Rotterdam has to offer, hosted by Rotterdam Partners. They showed us the sights and sounds along with some options for the social hub of Breakbulk Europe. Spoiler Alert: The food and hospitality was fantastic, and the all-important networking element will be back with a bang!

We traveled on the Rotterdam water taxi to reach the Cruise Terminal, where there was a large cruise ship docked! Traveling around the city via the metro, water taxi, as well as by foot was all very convenient and we were able to see so much of the fantastic city in a day!

That evening, we were fortunate to be invited as guests of the Port of Rotterdam Authority onto their hospitality vessel, the Nieuwe Maze, for a tour of the breakbulk terminals, shipyards and offshore terminals. This was all set against the wonderful skyline of Rotterdam as the sun was setting. With all of the lights from the vessels as well as on the land, it was spectacular to see Rotterdam and the port by night!

On our final day we had a number of planning meetings with the Port of Rotterdam Authority team, discussing all aspects of Breakbulk Europe and how we will be collaborating to ensure an outstanding experience for all of our visitors and exhibitors alike.

It really is going to be special having the show venue so close to the Port, watch this space for announcements on what you can expect!

We were also treated to a lovely lunch at the historic Hotel New York, the former office building of Holland America Lines, situated right at the port and used as temporary accommodation for European emigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The building has been a national heritage site since 2000, and is now a popular spot for both business and tourist visitors and boasts a wonderful array of seafood in the restaurant.

“We are very happy and proud to host Breakbulk Europe in Rotterdam for the first time next year,” said Danny Levenswaard, Director Breakbulk, Port of Rotterdam. “It was great to welcome the Hyve team during their visit to Rotterdam, and I am sure that together with all partners we will make Breakbulk Europe 2022 a unique experience! Together we make it Bigger. Better. Breakbulk!”

Nick Davison, Portfolio Director for Breakbulk Europe at Hyve, said: “It was fantastic to be back in Rotterdam. The trip reinforced all the reasons that we chose Rotterdam as the next host of Breakbulk Europe and I am sure our global community will share our passion for this vibrant city when our doors open in May.  With a top-class venue, and a truly collaborative approach between Hyve, Rotterdam Ahoy, Port of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners I am certain the 2022 event will be a success for all involved.

”Our heartfelt thanks to Port of Rotterdam Authority, Rotterdam Partners and Rotterdam Ahoy for the wonderful hospitality during our visit, we will back in January to host a Breakbulk Europe Advisory Board Meeting and for further planning discussions and are already looking forward to it!