Mammoet Deploys ‘Floating Crane’ for Saudi Bridge Installation

MTC-15 Lifted 60 Bridge Sections Weighing 400 Tonnes Each

Netherlands-based Mammoet has deployed its mobile floating crane concept to help install a 1.2-kilometre bridge on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast.

The heavy-lift specialist set the MTC-15 crane on a barge to create a 500-tonne capacity containerized sheerleg to transport and manoeuvre into place 60 bridge-beam and edge-beam sections, each weighing 400 tonnes.

The bridge forms a crossing between mainland Saudi Arabia and Shura, one of several islands comprising the Red Sea Project, a luxury tourism and hospitality project being built over 28,000 square kilometres of pristine lands and waters along Saudi’s west coast.

The dolphin-shaped Shura Island is dubbed the gateway to the project, with Shura bridge its main access point for visitors.

The bridge sections were first loaded onto SPMTs at a nearby pre-cast yard using Mammoet’s SBL1100 hydraulic gantry, then transported to a temporary jetty. The MTC-15 lifted the sections from the trailers and positioned them on the bow of the barge.

The barge then floated to the installation point, where the sections were positioned onto bearings on crossheads of piers. Each section required a full day to be installed.

“The combination of creative engineering with flexible innovative equipment enables Mammoet to offer this unique tailor-made solution for the customer that saved significant time,” said Abdul Rouf, sales manager for Mammoet Saudi Arabia.

“Moreover, the decreased handling time made this method of operation safer and eliminated the need to build an additional temporary infrastructure. Our collaboration with the client optimized the overall project schedule and ultimately kept the customer’s budget.”

The Red Sea Project is being funded by Saudi’s public investment fund.

Once completed, the project will comprise 50 hotels and 1,300 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites, according to the Red Sea Development Company. It will also house an international airport, golf courses, luxury marinas and entertainment facilities.

Phase 1, which includes 16 hotels, is slated for completion in 2023. The entire development is expected to be up and running by 2030.

PHOTO 1: Mammoet MTC-15 lowering bridge section onto piers CREDIT: Mammoet
PHOTO 2: mockup of completed Shura Bridge CREDIT: Red Sea Deveopment Company