Sarens Moves Atyrau C3 Splitter

(Russia/CIS) 1,050-tonne Unit for Gas-Chemical Complex

Lifting specialist Sarens has transported a giant C3 splitter unit from Atyrau to a new gas-chemical complex in Karbattan, Kazakhstan.

The breakbulk project involved transport of the 1,050-tonne splitter more than 47 kilometers by road, using 64 axle lines of SPMT.

“The crew expertly navigated power lines, traffic lights, poles, road signs, and gantry gates …  Highways along the route also had to be partially blocked for safe traffic flow,” a spokesperson for Sarens said.

International Expansion

The project was one of the first in the region as part of a global expansion strategy by the firm and follows a joint venture between Sarens and Turkish logistics group Makzume to strengthen Central Asian coverage.

“Our Kazakhstan team is really delighted about the new region and keen to work more to be successful,” said Arun Mathew, regional director of Central Asia.

Headquartered in Belgium, The Sarens Group provides heavy lifting and engineering expertise and equipment worldwide via a network of more than 100 subsidiaries in 54 countries.

Puebla ADC-101 Reactor

In the Americas, the group demonstrated its experience in the market with the dismantling and transport of a massive ADC-101 reactor as part of the Complejo PetroquĂ­mico Independencia plant in Puebla, Mexico.

Utilizing two LTM-1100 cranes, an LR-1300, and an LG-1550, a Sarens team completed delicate work to remove the reactor’s petrochemical distillator and burners, weihgin up to 118 tonnes.

“Once the equipment was rigged and ready, the crew had to work efficiently within a small space, as nine crewmembers completed 14 heavy-lift picks and more than 40 smaller picks within 30 days,” a spokesperson for the project said.