BluePass Platform Boosts UAE Maritime Sector

Energy Ministry, NeoNautica Team Up to Develop Digital Solution

By Simon West

The UAE’s maritime sector is poised for a “revolutionary voyage” after the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI) signed a collaboration agreement with technology services specialist NeoNautica to develop and operate the UAE BluePass digital platform.

BluePass, launched last year, is being billed as the UAE’s digital maritime and logistics ecosystem. The platform provides comprehensive digitized services aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing communication, and offering real-time data insights for vessels navigating in UAE waters.

According to NeoNautica, one of BluePass’s key features is its ability to enhance communication among crew members, port authorities, maritime service providers, and other stakeholders.

Through a centralized system, maritime professionals can share critical information, commercially transact, coordinate logistics, and respond swiftly to urgencies. This improved connectivity not only enhances operations but also contributes to a more efficient and resilient maritime network in the UAE, NeoNautica said.

“As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the UAE’s maritime sector is seizing the opportunity to embrace digitization and usher in a new era of efficiency, safety, and sustainability,” said Captain Rami Al Breiki, CEO of NeoNautica. “With over 25,000 vessel port calls in the UAE, we embark on encouraging more vessels to operate in the country, resulting in more foreign investment and companies setting up entities in the UAE.”

In a separate statement, Hessa Al Malek, advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport and Affairs at the MOEI, said the collaboration with NeoNautica aims to roll out BluePass to include multiple modes of transport.

“The project will be a major supporter in making the UAE the global hub for the new knowledge and data-based economy in the next ten years,” Al Malek said. “The platform will incorporate advanced features alongside comprehensive industry insights, thereby providing seamless and effective solutions for maritime professionals in the UAE by connecting professionals, ship owners, and maritime service providers.”

BluePass and the MOEI are exhibitors at Breakbulk Middle East. The 2025 event is happening on 10-11 February at the Dubai World Trade Center.

TOP PHOTO: Captain Rami Al Breiki and Hessa Al Malek sign the collaboration agreement.