Breakbulk Veterans

Sharing Experience with the Industry

The world of breakbulk transportation is unique and challenging and those with a career in it develop a wide range of experience and an ability to develop complex shipping programs. In today’s cost-cutting climate, these experiences can be of tremendous value and should not be lost.

That is why we are gathering the best minds in Breakbulk. Breakbulk Veterans is a group of those logistics managers who have worked in this arena for more than 20 years and are willing to share their stories—a resource for the benefit of those currently developing a career in project cargo logistics and transportation.

Watch for their stories across Breakbulk Events & Media for the opportunity to adapt their lessons learned to your company’s projects and enjoy first-person accounts of some of the industry’s toughest challenges. 

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Member benefits:

  • Free ticket to Breakbulk events

  • Complimentary print subscription to Breakbulk, the magazine

  • Meetup sessions at Breakbulk events (invitations and admin handled by Breakbulk Marketing)

  • Your story/ies will appear in the BreakbulkONE newsletter, on news, social media platforms and may be included in the next issue of Breakbulk magazine in Best of BreakbulkONE section

  • Opportunity to film stories in Breakbulk Studios at the events

Member Requirements:

  • 20 or more years in the industry

  • Submit photo and bio to be used online as part of member roster and in “About the author” section of articles

  • At least 1 article (written or video interview) per year. We understand there may be sensitivity around challenging projects, so there is no need to reference specific companies, just timeframe and location.

There is no fee to join Breakbulk Veterans