Which Way Next? Diversity

Question: Is the industry delivering on diversity objectives?

2020 has been a watershed year for the industry. The Breakbulk Editorial Advisory Board share their thoughts on a range of topics and where we go from here as the new year dawns.

Cover Story Introduction and Meet our Editorial Advisory Board Participants

Samuel Homes: “I do think the current crisis we are facing will not improve the situation. Women are still very much underrepresented in the industry. Same can be said for individuals aged under 35. It is a crisis that needs immediate real action by all industry stakeholders. ECMC’s  (U.S. Exporters Competitive Maritime Council’s) Education Committee, WILL (Women in Logistics Leadership), (founded by Diana Davila of UTC), and Breakbulk have been working to attract a diversified generation of logistics professionals that is more representative of the global environment we work in.”

Grant Wattman: “I believe the industry has done well with diversity. My question is ‘has the industry defined its diversity objective?’”

Dennis Mottola: “Not sure the industry has any stated or even implied diversity objectives, although I believe the breakbulk and project cargo industry is already diverse.”

Murray Cooper: “Diversity is essential in order to successfully work through the various business and community cultural differences.”

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