Which Way Next? Funding

Question: Are you expecting more public or private projects in 2021?

2020 has been a watershed year for the industry. The Breakbulk Editorial Advisory Board share their thoughts on a range of topics and where we go from here as the new year dawns.

Cover Story Introduction and Meet our Editorial Advisory Board Participants

Samuel Holmes: “Investors are uncertain with Covid-19 and the decline in oil prices. Therefore, expect more government-funded projects to help boost the global economy. There will of course be some private projects – especially in renewables and mining. For oil and gas projects, I don’t expect major activities for 2021.”

Dharmendra Gangrade: “Governments of many countries across the world have come forward with strong stimulus packages (estimated at US$17 trillion to US$18 trillion) to fight back recessions which will surely support growth.”

Margaret Vaughan: “China will be leading the way on public projects. The virus has stretched the budgets of most governments so the majority of projects in 2021 are going to be privately funded.”

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