Which Way Next? Geopolitics

Question: Will geopolitics play a greater or lesser role on project cargo trade in 2021?

2020 has been a watershed year for the industry. The Breakbulk Editorial Advisory Board share their thoughts on a range of topics and where we go from here as the new year dawns.

Cover Story Introduction and Meet our Editorial Advisory Board Participants

Samuel Holmes: “Geopolitics is always a major risk factor. Four potential issues that will drive the impact of geopolitics on the project cargo trade are: U.S. election – who is in the White House as the continuing trade war with China depends on U.S. election results; UK-EU relations; Mozambique’s insurgent crisis; and tensions in the Middle East.”

Johan-Paul Verschuure: “In a slow growth or even shrinking economic background, geopolitics is often a point of attention. In the current situation, this topic will be here to stay for the next few years.”

Dharmendra Gangrade: “U.S.-China trade ties are at all-time lows, and this started even before Covid-19 hit the world. Many major developed countries and global companies have announced or are exploring shifting or switching base from China to reduce their dependence on a rigid low-cost supply chain to build a resilient supply chain to ensure uninterrupted supplies.”

Ulrich Ulrichs: “The outcome of the U.S. elections, Brexit, Russia, China-related issues and general trade sanctions will have a bigger impact on project cargo trades than before.”

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